TaskPad+ for iPad & iPad Mini

Everything you have to do all in one place

Tasks you want to work on or are due today. Tasks from projects and the calendar automatically move here on the due day.

The tasks you have chosen to focus on

A place to capture tasks quickly, get them out of your head and sort them later

All overdue tasks brought together in one place.

Completed tasks, get a sense of achievement as your journal fills up

Create custom projects with their own icon, name and tasks

Search by task name or notes

As you enter text in the search box, tasks are filtered to only tasks that contain the words you have entered.

Search includes the notes on the task as well as the name of the task

Filter tasks by days from the calendar

Click on one or more dates and see only the tasks that are due on those dates

Landscape & Portrait Support

Time Saving Features

Filter tasks by one or more of your tags or contexts

You can select one or more of your custom tags or contexts.

Quickly add tasks to the current list.

Touch the plus and then quickly type your tasks to capture then to the current project

Star the tasks that are important for you to focus on

Set and due date that the task must be completed by

Set a start date/time for tasks that will take a while to complete

Set an alarm reminder for the task

Record your progress as a percentage on longer tasks

Prioritise your tasks, low, medium and high.

Set your tasks to repeat by due or done date

Create your own tasks and add them to tasks

Create your own contexts and add them to tasks

Add notes to your tasks

Comprehensive Tools

Supports the Get Things Done methodology