Supports the Get Things Done methodology

TaskPad+   getting things done together

Buy once - install on all your devices

Free synchronisation - no monthly fee

All TaskPad+ features are synchronised including:


Tasks and sub tasks

Tags and Contexts


Shared projects

Synchronise in the background or on demand

Work Better

Advanced calendar view

          Filter tasks by dates

          See when you are busy

          See when you are free

          One touch to set a date for a task

Complex multi level projects

          Create sub tasks

          Even sub tasks can have tasks - 10 levels

          View as an indented tree

          Collapse and expand at any level

Add your team or family members

          One touch to share a project with them

Search for tasks

     No matter how compex your life

     Searches by names and within notes

     Finds sub tasks within projects

Quickly setup projects/lists to get organised

     Give them a name and an Icon

     Add tasks to projects

     Share projects with other users